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We are a non-profit sporting club who practice the sport of target archery at our range in the foothills of Mt. Keira. We are one of the largest archery clubs in NSW with over 200 members. We practice target, field, and indoor archery, and our members use various bow types.

We are affiliated with the Archery Society of NSW and in turn with Archery Australia and World Archery. This allows our members to enjoy the challenge and comraderie of shooting tournaments throughout the country.

Our members range from Australian Representative level to the social weekend archer, families and individuals – archery is a sport for all!

Our club has some of the best facilities available to archers in Australia with the club facilities being available to members 7 days a week, and the depth of experience within the club is of great benefit to newer archers and those wishing to advance their skills.

We hold club shoots every Saturday and also host several tournaments throughout the year. Interested in archery?? Try one of our Beginner Classes and get involved.

Who can shoot at our Club?

Club members must register on line before attending the club. (If this is not possible, there is an attendance book in the clubhouse)

As well as current Shooting Members of our Club, visiting members of Archery Australia Affiliated Clubs, or members of other Archery Alliance clubs (ABA / 3DAAA / TAA) may shoot with us, upon payment of the range fee.

(Click here for Details and Verification requirements for Visitors).

How can I join the club?

To join the club you must have completed a Beginners Course, or have verified experience in archery or be transferring from another club. You will also need to complete a registration form and pay the annual shooting fees.  More information...

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Twilight shoot this week- Thursday February 22

Twilight shoot Thursday Night at 6pm is an AA50/720. 72 arrows from 50m into the big 122cm target face. Register in Archers Diary

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Field Course closed for QRE preparations - February 23 (and maybe other days/times prior)

The field will be closed on Friday 23 February to enable the Field Captain and others to get the field ready for the QRE on Saturday. If you’re able to give some assistance to Glen with any of this, just show up in the morning and you’ll be shown how you can help. All offers of assistance will be gratefully accepted. There will also be closures of the ranges during the QRE shoot on Saturday.

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Saturday Competition QRE Field - February 24

The Saturday shoot is QRE Field shoot. We currently have almost 20 shooters registered. Registrations for the QRE are now closed, but you can still register for the club field shoot in Archers Diary.

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