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We are a non-profit sporting club who practice the sport of target archery at our range in the foothills of Mt. Keira. We are one of the largest clubs in NSW with over 200 members. We practice all forms of the sport – Target, Field, Clout and Indoor and all bow types are in use by our members.

We are affiliated with the Archery Society of NSW and in turn with Archery Australia and World Archery. This allows our members to enjoy the challenge and comraderie of shooting tournaments throughout the country.

Our members range from Australian Representative level to the social weekend archer, families and individuals – archery is a sport for all!

Our club has some of the best facilities available to archers in Australia with the club facilities being available to members 7 days a week, and the depth of experience within the club is of great benefit to newer archers and those wishing to advance their skills.

We hold club shoots every Saturday and also host several tournaments throughout the year. Interested in archery?? Try one of our Beginner Classes and get involved.

Who can shoot at our Club ?

Any Club Member who has paid the appropriate shooting membership fees or any visiting member from another Archery Australia Affiliated Club who is a current member of Archery Australia.

Also any visiting member of an Archery Alliance Club (ABA / 3DAAA) upon payment of the visitors fee.

( Click here for Details and Verification requirements for Visitors)

How can I join the club?

To join the club you must have completed a Beginner Course, or have verified experience in archery or be transferring from another club. You will also need to complete a registration form and pay the annual shooting fees. More information...

Field Shoot


Make-A-Wish visited Illawarra Archers on Sunday November 13th 2016, with recipient 18 year old Benn and his family for a Come'N'Try experience. A fun and spirited day was had by all! With chocolates for balloon-bursting prizes, the novices became quite good at archery quickly- running our instructors out of chocolates in no time. Make-A-Wish Wollongong Branch was represented by Marilyn & Irene. By the way- they are very interested in any potential volunteers who have time during weekdays to help with granting wishes.

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