Stolen Archery Gear


Hi Diane,
I just wanted to let you know that my archery gear was stolen from my apartment block storage cage recently by a break in. It’s been reported to the police but I thought I would let the club know as to please keep an eye out for it.
It looked like this (attached photos), pretty sure the bag still had its new price tag on it just like in the photo.
It was a target olympic style recurve with samick carbon Xtreme Limbs, and a silver riser (I think it was win and win or Hoyt, I can't remember)
It had this bag, inside was a quiver belt, the bow itself and string, stabilizers, 18 carbon arrows, leather finger guard, even a little bow stand, basically everything you need.
Very upset, please pass this around to everyone in the club if possible.
Warm regards,