Another Great Working Bee - Sept 30


Thanks to everyone for their help with the working bee on Saturday. A big group effort saw a good amount of jobs taken care of.

A number of new 122 target faces were glued up, as well as refurbished 122’s for our practice shoots. Special thanks to the budding Picassos demonstrating their self control and keeping the paint within the lines and off each other!

Two target butts were repacked. #4 had 5 points in it, and #1 had 2 points. Here’s hoping the compounders can keep a few more vanes on their arrows. That pretty much used up all the prepared carpet, so we will be looking for more very soon.

The coaching group worked on arrows and equipment registers, getting things ready for the next Beginner’s Course, currently pencilled in for October.

Glen took a line trimmer for a stroll around the Field Course. Not sure how he shoots arrows with that, but he could probably tell a good story if asked.

And, of course, thanks to Andris for the BBQ supplies and paint, and to Gordon for grilling.