What to do if your arrow loses a point in a butt - 28 July 2023


Hi everyone, 

You might have noticed in the last couple of weeks that several target butts have been temporarily closed. This is because several members have had arrows damaged by hitting points that have been left in the butts. Besides the expensive, and usually fatal, damage to members’ arrows, these butts then have to be stripped completely down, the lost points located and removed, and the butts rebuilt. The butts that have been rebuilt over the last couple of weeks have all been found to have multiple points left in them.

Losing points from your arrows in target butts can happen to anyone, anytime. What’s important is what you do next:

  •  Check your arrows after each end of shooting, in competition or practice 
  •  If a point has been left in a butt and you can remove it without injuring yourself, do so
  •  If you can’t see the point, or can’t get to it, make a note of whereabouts in the butt it is, and of course, which butt
  •  Advise a senior member of the club or make a note on the external whiteboard
  •  On the “lost points board”, mark the area of the lost point and write the target number

Thanks for your help with this. It will make shooting more pleasant for all of us.