Executive Team Challenge and ANSW Waratah shoot - 23 July 2023


Executive Team Challenge and ANSW Waratah shoot

Thanks to everyone who turned up at short notice for the working bee on Thursday. It was a great roll-up, and lots of targets were completed. Now, to use up some of those targets, we have a couple of competitions next weekend.

Executive Team Challenge Sunday 30 July

We now have four teams in the Executive Team Challenge next Sunday, 30 July, but there’s still time to enter, even if you don’t have a team made up. Just list your name and we’ll do the rest.Each four-person team will consist of a compound, a recurve, a barebow recurve and a longbow. Each archer shoots only 36 arrows on a 122cm face, made up of 18 arrows at each of the two distances below:

  • Compound 60m and 50m
  • Recurve 50m and 40m
  • Barebow recurve 40m and 30m
  • Longbow 30m and 20m

Scoring is off-bow – no handicaps – which means you can enter even if you haven’t achieved a rating yet.

We’ll start at 10am, with compound archers shooting first, followed by recurve. We’ll then have a BBQ lunch before resuming the shoot with the barebows and finishing up with the longbows. Even if you’re not shooting, come along and cheer us on, and enjoy lunch, good company and a bit of archery with us. Please enter your team in the list, either online or on the hard copy in the clubhouse.  If you don’t have a team yet and would like to participate, put your name in the appropriate column, and we’ll team you up.

ANSW Waratah postal shoot 29-30 July

Over the same weekend ANSW is running the Waratah Postal Shoot. We won’t be able to fit it in on the Saturday, because we’ve been getting such good numbers to our Saturday comps, however we can fit it in on Sunday, running parallel to the Executive Challenge, starting at 10am.

Members who want to do the Waratah event should enter through the ArcheryNSW Portal in Archer’s Diary, choose the right day, then the round pertaining to your age group, either a 1440 round and/or a double 720 round. For the 720 round this year there is also an AA20/720 (20 metres) for U11 archers who may not be ready to shoot 30m.

Waratah Awards will be given to those who achieve scores of 1050, or 1150 or 1250 or higher.

The password for day 1 – is waratah1

The password for day 2 – is waratah2