Club Update #2029, December 2021


Next Saturday, the 18th of December, marks the end of a very messed up year for our Club but it is time for a bit of light hearted FUN and GAMES.

The day of course starts off with the “Wand” at 10.00am-ish and for new comers this is just a brightly coloured strip, 5cm wide, running vertically down the target butt. The aim is to get your arrows completely within the 5cm strip at whatever distance you are forced to shoot at.

There will be other novelty shoots after that, then it will be followed by a Club-supplied BBQ and if you are so inclined, please feel free to bring some cakes or slices for dessert.

What we really need is your RSVP for this by Thursday mainly for catering purposes. Please reply to

We really hope to see you there.