Club Update #2027, Apr 2021


In this edition:

Club Shoot this Saturday - April 24, starting 10am

Most of our Saturday morning Club Shoots are 90 arrows or less.

However this coming Saturday, and on Saturday October 16 the shoot will be World Archery standard 144 arrows. Division 1 starting at 70 metres; Division 2 starting at 60 metres; and Division 3 starting at 40 metres.

After the first two brackets (72 arrows on 122cm. targets) we will break for a BBQ lunch. The final two brackets (72 arrows at shorter distances, on 80cm. Targets) will be shot after lunch.

This is a opportunity for members to experience a typical State or National Tournament format (plus enjoying the friendship and BBQ).

The Equipment Room Arrow Spinner

Has gone missing from the Equipment Room.

If anyone knows it’s whereabouts, please return it to the Equipment Room, or let a member of Executive know where it is.