Club Update #2025, Mar 2021


In this issue:

  1. Volunteers Needed
  2. Club COVID-Safe Policies/Rules
  3. Archery Instructors (Level 1 Coaches)

Volunteers Needed: - POSITIONS VACANT


Our Club owes great thanks to Alan Dalton for 18 months service as Cub Secretary. Alan did not stand for election at our last AGM, due to the demands of his work. So the position was a casual vacancy for about 6 weeks, which was a very difficult situation for our club administration. Then Alan generously offered to continue in the position. However, now he simply does not have the time to continue as Secretary, and has resigned.

It is quite urgent that we fill this casual vacancy as soon as possible.

South Coast Field (August 21 & 22) Coordinator and sub-committee

This is a World Archery registered, major inter-club event, we host each year. We need a team to coordinate it.

Field Club Shoot/QRE Coordinators (May 29, July 24, Sep 25)

Family & Friends Fun Day (May 16 - note the changed date) sub-committee

Please contact Marianne (Coordinator) if you can help out.

Members' Participation Sub-committee

Please think about filling one or more of these positions needed in our Club (dobbing someone in is also good). Without these positions filled, we cannot expect our Club to function properly.

Please contact if you are able to help fill any of these roles.

Club COVID-Safe Policies/Rules

With changes to NSW Public Health Orders, from Monday March 29 the Club's COVID-safe Policies and Rules no longer apply. Members are still strongly recommended not to come to the club suffering cold or flu symptoms, to use good hand hygiene, and to use the sanitizer provided.

Archery Instructors (Level 1 Coaches)

In the coming months Archery NSW will be conducting courses for Archers interested in qualifying to be instructors. Pre-requisite will include some online modules, and some experience assisting with Come & Try sessions. If interested, contact John Kennedy