Club Update #2020, Jan 2021


Some important points that we need you to focus on:

Improved Electronic Sign-In

The temporary web form that we've been using for sign-in is simple and easy to use. It’s made signing in over the web much easier for archers and visitors.

So, we've decided to trial using it rather than the previous system. The sign-in button on our web page has been updated to link to the form, but you can also click here and bookmark the page.

As an alternative sign-in option, we've also created a QR code that will be posted at the clubhouse next week, which can be scanned using your phone to take you right to the sign-in page. Some of us forget to sign-in before going to the range and then have to mess around trying to log on using our phones, so this should make that process less difficult.

Our QR code will only link to our own club sign-in facility, and the data will not be stored on any external database. Keep an eye out for it.

Saturday Club Shoots – Start 16 Jan at 9am

Don't forget – Saturday morning club shoots start again on 16 January (that's next week, people), at our new time of 9am for summer shoots to avoid the searing heat of the season.

The first Saturday shoot is a "Beechboro Series", which is:

      • Div 1 – Beechboro – 90 arrows - 30@50, 40, 30m (medium 80cm face)
      • Div 2 – Short Beechboro – 90 arrows - 30@40, 30, 20m (medium 80cm face)
      • Div 3 – Junior Beechboro – 90 arrows - 30@30, 20, 10m (medium 80cm face)

You can download the annual calendar here (printed copies are in the clubhouse).

Field Shoot on 23 Jan – not a QRE

Our field shoots, except for the club championships, are normally QREs (Qualifying and Ranking Events that award archers national ranking points).However, COVID got in the way and prevented us from registering the 23 January shoot as a QRE the month before, so this shoot will be for our club members only.

Volunteer Request – Club Recorder

Colin Hobbs thoughtfully agreed to be our Club Recorder as well as Vice President, but has had to step back from the role. Colin – thanks very much for the effort that you brought to this.

Are you able to step in and fill his shoes? Please contact me if you can.

It's a straightforward but interesting job. It basically involves setting up electronic scoring for club shoots in Archers Diary, maintaining distance qualification records, and tracking performance to award our bi-monthly club shoot medals, and processing club members’ claims for governing body awards.

The recorder also provides a short report at club meetings, on awards and distance qualifications.

It would be great if you could help out with this. e-mail to volunteer.

Volunteers Request – Course COVID Marshals

Our courses for new archers each need a COVID marshal to ensure that our safety measures are being observed. Our marshals will receive the same "thank you" payment as instructors.

The job simply involves keeping an eye on things and having a quiet word with an instructor if someone forgets one of the measures. You don't need to be a shooting member to do the job.

If you're interested in helping out, please contact Coaching Coordinator John Kennedy at or by phone at 0404 643 206.

Our Changes to New Archer Safety Measures

On COVID, the Executive has made some changes to the special safety measures for new archer courses (the amended safety measures can be downloaded here), but considers that our wider COVID safety measures are okay for now (available here).

A quick run-down of the COVID situation follows but the changes to the measures applying to courses are:

      • The COVID marshal who oversees compliance with our safety measures will not be an instructor teaching a course.
        • This will allow the instructors to concentrate on teaching archery without an additional responsibility of acting as a COVID marshal.
      • We will not teach people classified as ‘casual contacts’ according to published NSW Health criteria, if they have not subsequently returned a negative COVID test.
        • Casual contacts are people who've attended identified places at particular times (based on contact tracing), and should get tested and isolate until they've received a negative test result.
        • Under the law, the more risky ‘close contacts’ must comply with isolation requirements that prevent them from doing a course. The same thing applies for areas in "lockdown".
        • This refines our requirement that course participants must not have visited a location with a COVID infection in the past two weeks.
      • Course instructors are exempted from our social distancing rule if they are wearing a mask.
        • This recognises that instructors sometimes need to get closer to people, to do their job effectively and ensure that they are safe.

The COVID Situation

The Executive has been carefully monitoring the COVID infections situation, including Government advice and changes to public health orders.

Our COVID safety measures exceed Government requirements (for example, we don't need to have a COVID marshal for new archer courses), but are in place to set a "platinum standard" for the moment.

There have been huge developments in managing the spread of COVID since it first hit our shores in early 2020, and since we introduced our club’s first COVID safety measures and, since October, extra measures for our beginner courses.

Contract tracing is mature and comprehensive, and testing is easily accessible with pop-up testing clinics available in Wollongong since our two recent infections. Test results are generally available within 24 hours.

Since opening the club to visiting archers, we have had very few visitors, and we have not actively promoted our availability to other clubs.

Extra controls introduced by the Government for Greater Sydney (including Wollongong) have been strengthened to require mask-wearing on public transport and in shops. Keep this in mind – if you do not wear a mask you risk a $200 fine. However, masks are not otherwise required outdoors.

In Summary

The Executive is continuing to keep on top of what's happening with COVID, including by paying attention to Government statements and, most importantly, reading the public health orders.

Our measures are conservative, which is what's best for our club at the moment. As we all become more used to living with COVID and when risks reduce, we may relax some measures, but we will always keep in mind the need to strengthen them again if needed.

It's important that everyone knows what’s going on. If you have any questions, please contact Alan and he'll do what he can to help.