Club Update #2017, Nov 2020


In this edition:

Event Reminders from the President

Our President, Chris Clerke, offers these very timely and helpful reminders about the next leg of the Back to Archery Tournament, and our casual shooting favourite, The Farget.

Back to Archery Tournament

On Saturday our club shoot will be another opportunity for members to shoot in Archery Australia&aposls "Back to Archery" National Tournament series.

Archers' best TWO scores is what counts, and we will also provide a final opportunity to shoot a score in the series, in December.

Saturday's shoot will also be a normal club shoot, so if not shooting the Tournament, register in Archers Diary / Club Shoot 44, as usual.

If shooting the Tournament, register in Archers Diary / Club Shoot 44 (AA Tournament) and make sure that you register in the appropriate flight.

For details of the Series, and flights, see BacktoArchery National Tournament | Archery Australia.

All shooters this Saturday; please try to register by midnight on Friday, to assist with target allocations.


On Sunday (funday): -Our Annual FARGET (Field + Target) Shoot.

This year FARGET is for our members only; -sadly, no visitors, due to our COVID-19 policies. However the usual "lucky-dip" prizes, and a BBQ lunch, will follow the shoot.

And note the "target" part of FARGET will be an 18metre Indoor, to help our members taking part in the World Archery Online Indoor Series.

Register for FARGET in Archers Diary / Farget 2020. (Shooters in WA OIS will also have registered with World Archery, as WA registrations closed on November 15)

Proposed Amendment to Club Regulations

The Executive has endorsed a "housekeeping" amendment to our Club Regulations and Safety Policy. For details, please click here.

The short version, though, is that the regs currently require people to register for club shoots by writing their names on the club whiteboard, and that scoring is to be done on paper. We've moved on, and everyone uses Archers' Diary for both now. This amendment will simply ensure that the regs reflect actual practice.

Under the regs, one week's notice must be given of a motion to change them. We're getting in a bit before that for our 5 December meeting.