Club Update #2016, Nov 2020


Two very quick things for you in this "diet update":

Thanks for the working bee

We're very pleased to report that there was a strong turnout to our working bee on 7 November. Target butts were repaired, carpet was cut ,the garden de-weeded, many target faces were glued, some work in the field was achieved and after a long time of talking about it, the sleepers in the car park were finally replaced.

To everyone who turned up, thank you and please give yourselves a good pat on the back. Oh, and a big thank you to Gordon for cooking the BBQ for us once again.

It really was a very productive day, and the club couldn't operate without this effort.

You can shoot an international 18m event at our club!

You can compete in an international competition, from the comfort and safety of our club. No travel. No COVID. No fee!

World Archery has opened up the 2021 Indoor World Series to the web, starting on 22 November 2020, and we can all shoot, but you must register for the series by 15 November!

For those who don't know, this shoot will be over 18 metres on the small 40cm target face. So, anyone can have a stab – even if they’re only just taken up the sport.

Please click here for all the details. Option 1 isn't being offered in NSW, but we can host Option 2, which allows archers to participate either as a club shoot or by shooting privately with two other Archery Australia members verifying the scores.

The series will be shot in 4 stages, with archers shooting one round at a time that suits them for each of the stage periods: 21-22 November, 19-20 December, 16-17 January and 13-14 February. An archer’s best 3 scores will determine their placing.

To kick things off, we are including the shoot as the target portion of our annual "Farget" event – the mini-field component will still go ahead. If you take this option, you will need to register for both the series via World Archery by 15 November (see below) and the Farget via Archer's Diary. If you just register for the Farget, you can’t submit WA scores.

If enough people register for the tournament, then we will consider aligning the club shoots in December, January and February with this WA Indoor tournament.

Remember: you can do this without attending the organised shoot – you just need two Archery Australia members to verify your scores.

Important Registration and Shooting Information

  • It's your responsibility to register for the series by 15 November via this link (you can't register through Archer's Diary). If you don't register, you can't submit scores for any of the stages.
  • If you're not doing this as a club shoot, you will need to organise your own witnesses.
  • World Archery's software must also be used for scoring, but it's pretty easy to use.
  • After shooting, you must email your score cards and a photo of the WA licensed target to World Archery.
  • Check out the event information on the web for details (including about the WA scoring app).

For any questions, or problems with registration, please contact our President, Chris Clerke, by email at, or by phone at 0407 910 561.