Club Update #2015, Nov 2020


In this edition:

Learn to Repair Arrows

Our coaching coordinator, John Kennedy, has a few arrows from the beginners' shed to repair. Rather than slaving away by himself to fix them up, John will have all the gear needed to repair the arrows, at the club during our next working bee from 9am on 7 November.

If you've not worked on arrows before and would like to learn how they go together, if you could do with being reminded of some of the finer points or if you just fancy helping out, please join us at the working bee. It's been a while since we've had one, and the guys who volunteer their time throughout the week can only do so much, so please come along to help out.

Other jobs include:

  • gluing on target faces
  • gardening
  • cutting carpet to re-fill the target butts
  • repairing the target butts
  • removing some old sleepers (there's one for those with brawn)

As you can see, there's a lot to do to keep the club going, so please do your bit and be plan to stay for the club-supplied barbeque afterwards!

Casual Junior and Novice Shooting

The first of these casual sessions has come and past, and it was a good evening. If you're a young archer, or there's one in your family, please feel free to join John on a Friday evening at 4.30pm to send some arrows down without the pressure of competition.

The focus is on enjoying your time. If you need some help with your technique or equipment, John would be pleased to help, but only if you want to ask. Otherwise, come down and have fun.

Of course, if it's raining then John may not be there.

Club Championship Field Shoot

This is in the calendar for Saturday, 14 November. The field is awesome at the moment – after all the rain there's plenty of greenery, which makes for a lovely walk and shoot experience.

Ticks and mozzies are becoming active though, so make sure that you wear repellent when you're out on the field trails.

If you've completed your 30m qualification and would like to have a field induction (a requirement before you can use the course), please contact Alan and I'll get one organised for you. Also, if you're interested in doing the organised field shoot on 14 November but haven't done a club comp before, please let me know so that we can get your name entered into the online scoring database so that you can register via Archers Diary.

Registrations for the Field Championship are open – just go to the Archers Diary Registration Page to sign up.

Back to Archery Tournament

There are only two more rounds of the tournament to go, on the Saturdays of 21 November and 12 December, at 10am. To be in the running for a prize, you have to complete at least two rounds, so for those who haven't done the shoot before, this is your last chance to get started!

Remember, you can be in the running for a gong both using your raw score, and your adjusted handicap score. This means that if you shoot well against your own standard, you can be in the running to beat the best archers in the country (if you're not quite there yourself).

Archers Diary is ready to receive your registration, so git amongst it!

Please ensure that you register for the correct age and gender division – details are available here.

Farget Shoot - 22 November

Another quick reminder that the Farget will be held on 22 November, the week following the Field Championship. This is the "funnest" most informal club shoot of the year, and includes both field and target archery components, so sign up, come down and have some fun.

Registrations are open via Archers Diary.