Club Update #2008, August 2020


Executive Meeting (8th Aug.) has filled several vacancies:

  • Field Captain: Michael Wilson
  • Webmaster: Phillip Evans

Thanks from all of us, to these members, for stepping up.

Two important vacancies are NOT YET filled:

  • Secretary
  • Coaching Coordinator

Without people filling these vacancies it cannot be expected that our Club will function properly.

For example, we cannot organize the re-commencement of Come & Try Sessions and Beginner Courses without a Coaching Coordinator.

Only the Secretary is an Executive position, and people taking any position can rely on help of other club officers, as they settle in.

Please discuss, offer, or dob someone in, with any Executive member.

Next Club Members’ General Meeting

Our next meeting is on Saturday 10th October, starting at 10am. Please add this to your Club Calendars.

Sad but SERIOUS!

Boadheads have been again used recently in our Field.

Cost of damage to one target is over $200, plus our volunteers hours!

  • Any members using broadheads will face strong disciplinary action.
  • If trespassers are noticed on our range do not approach them but notify Wollongong Police 4226 7899. If it is safe to do so, note description of any people or vehicle, & registration number; and report to Executive.
  • Surveilance cameras are randomly operating in the Field Course, and people shooting broadheads will be caught sooner or later.

Aussie Helpers

"Aussie Helpers" is a charity we helped last year out of the profits of the South Coast Field. They have sent us a magazine, which is available in the clubhouse, showing their drought relief stories for Aussie farmers.

Archery NSW Postal Events

  • Saturday 29th August the Club Shoot will be 90 arrows, starting at 60, 50, & 40 metres (Canberra, Junior, & Short)
  • Sunday 30th August we will conduct an exta Club Shoot - 120 arrows, - a “Sydney 1200 (70, 60, 50, & 40 metres)
  • Scores in these club shoots will count in the ANSW postal competitions if archers register and use paper scoresheets, as well as our electronic scoring.

For info & ANSW registration see (registration is free).

A Reminder: Our Club's current Covid-safe policies

  • Members must NOT attend the club's grounds if they feel ill.
  • The club shall remain open for use by club members (including temporary members, under instruction) and their carers and guardians; and remain closed for use by visiting archers from other clubs.
  • No more than two people shall be permitted on the shooting line for a target on Range A at any one time, and one person on Range B and the Field Range, unless from the same household.
  • No more than six people shall be permitted inside the clubhouse at any one time.
  • The club house and toilet blocks shall be disinfected weekly.
  • A hand sanitiser dispenser shall be procured and installed outside the club house.
  • The sign-in book shall be temporarily retired and all registrations of archers on club property shall be via the club’s online sign-in facility.
  • Club members shall be encouraged to carry and use hand sanitiser, and discouraged from handling each others’ equipment.
  • Hand sanitiser will be placed on the sign-in desk.

As things change constantly, see the notices around the grounds, and on the chalkboard. Let’s keep ourselves & each other SAFE!

And please don’t forget...

...our need to fill the vacant positions of Secretary, and Coaching Coordinator, in our club.