Twilight Shoot, 1 Apr 2021, Last one this summer!

01 Apr 2021

Location: Illawarra Archers, Mount Keira NSW


This is our last twilight shoot for the summer. We'll resume again in November 2021.

This week the shoot is 36 arrows at 30m on a small face (IA Iceberg).

All club members are welcome. Please register on Archer's Diary if you plan to join in.


The minimum qualifying score must be shot to qualify at each distance on a big face target.

DistanceMinimum Score
20m 650
30m 650
40m 625
50m 575
60m 600
70m 600
90m 500

Please note:

  1. You need to qualify at each distance before advancing. i.e. Qualify at 20m before moving to 30m.
  2. Please put your full name, round shot, date, bow type and division (if shooting in a club competition) and sign your score sheet.
  3. No person may shoot the field course until they are qualified at 30m and have done a Field Induction.
  4. Archers need to achieve three ratings of 50 (recurve) or 60 (compound) or better before they can compete in Division 1.
  5. There are bi-monthly medals for divisions 1 and 2 (handicap basis). These are presented at the general meetings.

Safety Reminders

  1. Targets 11 and 12 are limited to 30m maximum and targets 9 and 10 are limited to maximum 50m for practice.
  2. Target 12 is limited to 10m if the archer has not gained the 20m qualification.
  3. Short distances are to be shot on the right-hand side of the target range, increasing to longer distances on the left-hand side of the range. Do not hesitate to ask another archer to move to ensure safety or to join them if they are shooting at a distance you wish to shoot.
  4. At least one butt should be shut between two groups of archers if the distances being shot are greater than 10m. Archers on adjacent butts must approach their butts together to collect their arrows.
  5. The field course is to be shot in one direction only (targets in ascending numerical order). Archers may only enter and exit the field course via an approved entry/exit and must keep to the marked tracks and not cross danger tape. Always exit with care.
  6. Archers are advised to take suitable precautions when entering the field course. There is a high chance you will come into contact with ticks, leeches and even the occasional snake.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the club's Regulations and Safety Policy before coming on site.